Château de BoussacListed as a historical monument

The Château de Boussac sets at 3 km from the campsite. This impressive fort was built during the 15th century by Marshall Jean de Brosse, companion of Jeanne d’Arc. It rises on a spur with view on the Creuse valley and stands out for its dimensions and unwavering character.

Behind the rough and even grey fronts you’ll find some true treasures. Around forty rooms divided over 4 floors have been decorated with extraordinary and surprising objects, 15th century furniture, and big fireplaces with coats of arms, timberwork from the 18th century and beautiful tapestry from Aubusson.
In 1841, this is where George Sand and Prosper Mérimée accidently discovered the tapestry of the Lady on the Unicorn, considered as one of the masterworks of western art, exhibited in the Museum of Middle Ages in Cluny today.

The castle can be visited every day from 9 am to midday and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

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