Château de VillemonteixOne of the most beautiful castles of the Creuse

At 40 km from the campsite, the Château de Villemonteix in Saint-Pardoux-les-Cards is one of the best examples of medieval architecture in the Creuse region. High, round towers, bartizans, and solid walls with machicolations… there’s no doubt: this is a typical 15th century castle from the Creuse! Once you get inside, the building will unveil its beauty and elegance. During a guided tour, you’ll be crossing about fifty rooms with tapestries from Aubusson, 15th century wall paintings, piecework and timberwork from the 18th century as well as some lovely china from Sèvres and a rare piano with double keyboard. The visit continues towards the pilgrims’ chapel, the fortified pigeon house and the stables. At the centre of the park you’ll find a three hundred year old lime-tree, a hollow tree planted after the Religious wars, as a token of peace.

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