Lac de SidiaillesWatersports & Adventuring park

At 23 km from the campsite, the water sports centre of the Lac de Sidiailles offers plenty of activities at the heart of a lush nature. Bring your family and enjoy swimming at the lake, lazing on the white sand beaches or reading a book in the shade while the children play at the play area. Sports fanatics can choose from beach volleyball, canoeing or stand-up paddle. You can also make a family trip on the lake by taking a pedal boat or traditional boat. In addition, the Lac de Sidiailles boasts 8 Adventuring tracks, including some accessible from 3 years, with climbing walls, tunnels, climbing plants, climbing nets and not to forget the region’s biggest zip-line that crosses the lake for over 400 metres! Lovers of climbing will be delighted to find the dedicated site of the Lac de Sidiailles, near the remains of the Château de la Roche-Guilbaud.

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